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Free Online Backup - S3 BackupSystem


S3 BackupSystem is freeware application that allows making secure and reliable backup copies of your files and folders to Amazon S3 online servers.

It uses state of the art Amazon cloud storage servers, offering industrial robustness and security. All your data is heavily protected with military grade AES encryption, then transmitted through SSL secure channel and is stored on your personal account on Amazon S3.


No commitment, no monthly subscription


Your data is triple secure and fully encrypted


Set up once and forget- S3 BackupSystem will do the rest, absolutely for free


Pay as you go- just $0.15 per 1 GB (Amazon fee), no minimum charge

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Latest news

  S3 BackupSystem 1.23 Released

A new version of S3 BackupSystem comes along with improvements related to effectiveness of compression of backup files if used in parallel with the encryption...
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  S3 BackupSystem 1.22 Released

The new minor version of S3 BackupSystem fixes issue related to the execution of automatic scheduled backups when the program was running on Windows 7....
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  S3 BackupSystem 1.21 Released

The new version of S3 BackupSystem adds full support for Unicode filenames. It is now doesn't matter how your files are named, you'll always be...
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